About Stone Soup

Stone Soup came into existence in the summer of 2011.  Product development, in the form of prefab houses, began in early spring of 2011.  At inception Stone Soup offered houses, some furnishings, and products donated by what had once been Castleware Creations (CC).  It's our policy to continually revamp our product offerings, retiring old products in favor of new, and hopefully, better developed ones.  None of the original CC products remain for sale, and we have retired quite a number of our own old lines over the past three years.

Stone Soup has two main focus areas: Medieval Role Play Items and Furnishings (which includes Pirate, Fantasy and any medieval-like role play environment) and Old West Victorian-era Role Play Items and Furnishings.  Our transformation is not fully complete and there are still some products that are unrelated to our core business resident our Market Place Store.  This will change over the next few months as we consolidate and continue to evolve our product offerings.

Aside from our rustic, medieval houses, we offer a variety of items under the heading of Role Play Props and Shops.  Products include items like the Candle Maker, Baskets and Boxes of Fruits and Grains, Seamstress Shop Components (such as a loom,) and a variety of other items.

For Old West Victorian-era, we offer animated Saloon Furniture, such as our Old West Poker Table:

We also offer Old West Victorian-era furnishings, such as the Old West Writing Desk:

Some of our items, although designed for role play, are suitable for private homes and gardens, such as our flower cart:

Which would make a nice addition to a rustic garden.

To see more of our products, click on Stone Soup MP Store.  we recommend that you first sign in to Market Place as some of our products, like the Poker Table shown above, are listed as mature.

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