About Neoterica

Neoterica is a Division of Stone Soup that sells modern products developed by Stone Soup and aHHa!nc.  Our product lines include classic, contemporary, and modern highly detailed, animated home furnishings, artist studio products, home decor, office furnishings, and unique items for businesses.

Neoterica is fronted and managed by Quoel Trenton, an amicable chap with as many faces as products that we sell and can envision.    He is also the main partner used to develop animated furniture across all of our product lines.

Quoel can be seen posing in furniture ads for all four main Stone Soup brand Stores: Stone Soup, Stone Soup Old West Victorian (sold via Stone Soup Main Store), Neoterica, and Garden Shores.  He also recently helped out by posing as a Hipster for the blog post entitled, "Hipsters Invade Anyville." 

Quoel featured in a Stone Soup product pictures:

Quoel featured in a Garden Shore's product picture:

Quoel as the Hipster:

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