Saturday, October 3, 2015

Art in the Park Exhibition: Halloween

October marks Art in the Park’s One Year Anniversary! 

Art in the Park opened on October 3, 2014 on Temrpus as an art contest with the theme of Autumn Harvest.  With much help and advice from judges Argus Collingwood, JM Balogh, Toysoldier Thor, Adrian Harbinger, and Slatan Dryke, Ilyra Chardin began as curator of the exhibition.  October 2014 saw such notable artists and entrants as: Secret Rage, Molly Bloom, Neeks Karu, Uleria Caramel, Mario Zecca, MeDee Optera, Meryll Panthar-MacMoragh, Stella Mahogany, and Stitches Bade.

Art in the Park evolved over the months from a contest to an exhibition by invitation only. Many well-known and well-loved digital and mixed media artists have had their work grace the park.  With far too many to list individually in this announcement, all of the artists who have had their exceptional work shown at Art in the Park are listed on a One Year Anniversary Plaque that is on display with the opening of the October 4, 2015 Exhibition of Halloween in Art.

It has truly been an honor to work with such exceptionally talented artists, and I look forward to another year of Art in the Park.

Our park has been redesigned for our Halloween in Art theme.  We cordially invite you to view our artists’ works as they demonstrate the depth and breadth of artistic interpretation of this month’s subject.

We are proud to be featuring the works of:

Argus Collingwood
Ilyra Chardin
JMB Balogh
Max Romero
Meryll Panthar-MacMoragh
Sandi Benelli
Secret Rage
Skippy Beresford
Toysoldier Thor

We look forward to your enjoyment.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to the artists that participated in the September Art in the Park Exhibition.

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