Saturday, January 17, 2015

From Temprus to Temprus

Following our decision to end the live music shows on the Temprus SIM, my business partner, Adrian Harbinger, and I began to evaluate whether it made sense to continue to operate a full sim.  Costs aside, the fundamental reason for the choice to stop the shows was the incredible demand on personal time.  Without the shows in place, it no longer made sense to maintain a full sim for just our group.  We opted instead to downsize to a quarter sim.

Introducing Temprus…again

Temprus (a quarter sim now on the larger sim of Crystal Gardens Estates) is a beautiful farmstead, bounded by rivers, lakes, and of course, mountains. 

Our commitment to art continues, and thus we built an area to continue regular exhibitions of Art in the Park. 

The build is not yet complete, we have more work to do.  However, there is already plenty to see and do.  Temprus is a pastoral setting, replete with a farmhouse, flower fields and a vegetable garden, all bordered by forests, lakes and rivers.  We have stables, a barn, and a planting shed. 

There is a small central pond with its own small dock, offering a quiet place to sit, relax and chat.  Two larger decks on the lakeside, one for Art in the Park, which leads to a dock (for additional art displays) that leads to a small game room with greedy and pentadee. 

The larger sim, Crystal Gardens Estates, is an adult region in name only.  The entire sim is built with a rustic design.  All three major parcels have docks that provide boats or canoes that can be ridden by anyone to explore the full sim’s waterways and parcels. 

Not necessarily by design, but interestingly the parcel owners are all artists.  The sim owner and manager of the largest parcel (half sim) is Sandi Bernelli, an accomplished photographic artist. 

Chris Harlow, of Dimi’s Digital Designs, is a photographic artist specializing in portraits.  He owns a quarter sim parcel.

Adrian Harbinger, of Temprus, is a real life and second life artist, whose work includes: sculpture (clay and 3D digital media), charcoal, water color, and acrylic. 

Lastly, there is me, specializing in Mixed Media Digital Art and Sim / parcel design.

Feel free to stop by and use one of our canoes (available on the main dock,) or rowboats (available on the dock off of the farmhouse back porch,) or one of our games (greedy or pentadee.) Come and see our work in progress. 

When we feel our build is nearer to completion, we’ll be announcing a new Art in the Park Exhibition, inviting artists from all over SL to submit their work for display.

We thank you for taking the time to read out blog, for your past visits to our sim and for your future visits to our newly designed venue. 

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