Saturday, January 31, 2015

Art in the Park – New Exhibition: Landscapes

A new exhibition opens on Temprus on Sunday, February 1, 2015, featuring artwork by the most talented landscape artists.

Bordered by the lake, fields of flowers, and forest, our new exhibition platform is nestled within our new parcel.  Temprus, now located on Crystal Gardens Estates, is picturesque, with secluded spots to relax, cuddle and chat.  The entire sim is operated by a community of artists, and each parcel has been designed along a shared theme of simple, rustic charm.

We invite you to our outdoor gallery to view the stunning works of such notable artists as (in alphabetical order):

Becca Dillingham
Dexter Farslider (Matt Johnson)
Donald Darmon
Kayleigh Lavender
Lam Erin
Lara (Lara’s Impressions – Hillara on SL)
Leonorah Beverly
Sandi Benelli

From light, dreamy pastels to vivid colors to dark, warm tones, each of the digital art landscapes on display show the breadth and depth of artists’ skill.  This is a new opportunity to view these works in ways available only on Second Life; to observe in detail, the artists’ textures and hand-painted elements.

We look forward to your enjoyment.

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