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Date Suggestions: Temprus – A Unique Experience

[Note: Although this particular article is geared towards couples, the attractions listed can be used by anyone.  You’re invited to explore our SIM and fish, boat, canoe, hike, ride horses or bicycles, take photos, play and enjoy.  Temprus was featured in INFINITY MAGAZINE – Holiday 2014 Edition]

Looking for something different? A quiet spot to spend some time on a date?  With a newly made friend? With your significant other?

Come and visit Temprus – where worlds and time meet – and where the quiet SIM affords a lot of privacy.

The Adventurous Date

Temprus offers boating, canoeing, and medieval sailing (on a sailing barge.)  Ride together or grab a vessel and race around the SIM’s waterways.  Simple sit on the root prim of any of the small vessels (you’ll be handed oars or paddles for canoes or rowboats) and explore.

7Seas Fishing is available on the major docks and piers, along the river walk in Anyville and on the Little Island and by the Gypsy Camp.  Slip into shorts and dip your feet into the water from the lower dock off of Anyville Pier or relax in one of the comfortable chairs provided right on the water’s edge of the dock.

Bicycles are available to ride.  Simply click on the rezzer outside of the Visitor’s Center and select the size you’d like.  Hop on and ride.  Race each other around the town streets.

Horseback riding along numerous trails (anywhere on the SIM) is available.  Ride your own or pick up free demo horses by the Stables in Two Rivers (Western Town.)

Visit the open air market of Wildenshire and then relax and grab a mead or ale in the tavern on the docks or in the Inn.

Hungry?  Stop in the bakery in Wildenshire for mouthwatering pastries and coffee or tea.

Want something heartier?  Dinner is being served at the Inn or you can cross behind the butcher shop and past the cow pasture into Two Rivers for dinner at the Two Rivers Hotel.

While you’re in Two Rivers, make sure to visit the cemetery behind the undertaker and jailhouse.

The Romantic Date

Your evening begins at Romantique for a champagne dinner for two.  Dine outside on Main Street or inside at one of the cozy window tables with built in cuddles.

Have dessert at Rainbow Dairy, which offers homemade ice cream.  Outdoor seating available on Main Street or on the Dock or you can choose to sit inside the ice cream parlor.  

The Smoothie Bar on the Anyville pier offers fresh fruit smoothies or visit the Joint Coffeehouse for Pastries and a Variety of specialty brewed coffees.

After your meal and dessert, it’s time for some dancing. Romantic rooftop dancing is offered at the H&S Rooftop Gardens (accessed via the elevator in the Harbinger & Sands Pawnbrokers next to the Pier.

Dancing is also available at the Joint Coffeehouse in the heart of downtown.

For a quieter location, take the canoe from the little dock near the Art in the Park Concert stage and paddle across to the Little Island for dancing and cuddling.  Or you can TP directly to the Little Island from the Visitor’s Center in Anyville.

The Cultured Date

Your date begins over coffee in the Joint Coffeehouse.  From there, it’s outside and up the steps into Neoterica to the elevator to Beyond Infinity for the history of space exploration and interesting full perm free souvenirs.  

Next stop is the Museum of Esoterica, an informative view into the mystical and arcane.

From there it’s a short few steps right or left.  Left out the door is a visit to Harbinger & Sands Pawnbrokers.  A right will take you to the Artist Studio and Gallery.

Then it’s to the Park for the current exhibition of Art in the Park, which features the work of well-known artists.

Next to the pier for ice cream or smoothies and a rest at either end of the pier in the rattan seating (couples or single sits available.)

Still up for more? 

Follow the path to Art in the Park and then across the bridge.  From there, walk across the next bridge to the Town of Wildenshire.  There you can stroll along the open air market in a Medieval / Fantasy setting and explore a large sailing vessel replete with captain’s quarters and crew quarters below decks.  

Lastly, walk behind the butcher shop in Wildenshire and past the cow pasture, following the path to Two Rivers Western Town.

The Casual Date

Begin at either the Joint Coffeehouse or Rainbow Dairy and Ice Cream or The Smoothie Bar on Anyville Pier.  From there, it’s a short walk to Castle Club Game Room.  Free games of Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Greedy and Pentadee are available.  Relax on the couch, chairs or on the cushions as you play.

Casual dancing is available on the dock or grab a rowboat or a canoe for a leisurely ride on the SIM’s waterways.  

Hike across the bridge on the edge of the Art in the Park across to the center island and then walk east to the gypsy camp.  Relax around the fire or use the cuddle bed inside of the caravan or the cuddle tree stump near the fire.  There is an intan couples dancing caller nearby for casual dancing under the stars.  

Hike across the bridge to Wildenshire and then onto Two Rivers or use a boat or a canoe and dock at either Town. 

Cuddle and Talk

There are over forty spots to cuddle on Temprus.  They range from outdoor benches and cuddle blankets to tables for two to sofas and couches to rooms, such as inside the Gypsy Caravan or upstairs in the Wildenshire Inn or Two Rivers Hotel.

Take Photographs

With three different towns set in three different periods and an extensive shoreline and woods, there are tons of photo opportunities.  Come and explore, bring your creativity, and leave with photographic memories.

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