Sunday, December 21, 2014

Art in the Park Winter

Winter has come to Temprus – not in the form of snow and ice, because Temrpus is always Temperate – but in the form of art!

Our Art in the Park Winter Display is now open, featuring artists: Matt Johnson (Dexter Farslider), Sandi Benelli, Kella Lily, and Ilyra Chardin.  Beautiful winter landscapes and portraits are placed around the park for your viewing pleasure.

Art work includes such beautiful pieces as:

          Dark Winter Night by Kella Lily

          Deer in Headlights by Sandi Benelli

          Frost by Matt Johnson

Frozen in Time by Kella Lily

Ours by Matt Johnson

Still of the Night by Sandi Benelli 

          The Village by Ilyra Chardin

          Winter at the Shore by Ilyra Chardin

There is much more artwork (not listed) to be seen.  Also, the stage in the park is now covered in snow (courtesy of a refrigeration unit carefully concealed beneath the boards) and is filled with displays depicting Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Winter Solstice.

First Snow by ilyra

We wish you all the happiness and joy of the winter season, 
The Temprus Management Team

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