Saturday, November 22, 2014

Art in the Park Exhibition Opening

A new Art in the Park Exhibit opens on Temprus on November 23 at 12:00 PM with a live Concert in the Park, featuring performances by Mark Seery & Fawn and Chris Quan.  

This new exhibit displays original artwork by such notable SL artists as: Uleria Caramel, Toysolider Thor, Stella Mahogany, Slatan Dryke, Sarah Barber, Meryll Panther, Mario Zecca, JMB Balogh, Argus Collingwood, and Adrian Harbinger. 

From Argus Collingwood, JMB Balogh, Meryll Panther, Stella Mahogany, and Toysoldier Thor’s original SL Photo Art to Original Oils, Drawings, Watercolor, and Mixed Media by Uleria Caramel, Adrian Harbinger, Mario Zecca, and Sarah Barber to 3D Art by Slatan Dryke, this is a not-to-be-missed event.

Events kick off at noon with blues show my Mark Seery & Fawn.  Mark is an accomplished acoustic and electric guitarist whose voice is no stranger to a microphone.  Mark produces all of his own backing tracks in his own studio. Over time in his SL career, he has transitioned many styles including blues, classic rock, Celtic rock, folk, and ballads.  Quite what will happen at a MarkSeery Melodie show is anybody's guess but be sure that it will be laced with a slice of Irish banter, blarney and humor.

Chris Quan takes the stage at 1:00 PM.  As a member of the West Coast Songwriters Association, Christopher has been involved with music for nearly 30 years. His songwriting includes a range of genres from heart-felt originals to Jammin' blues, and of course, Chris enjoys playing his favorite covers.  Either way, Chris reaches down deep into his soul to deliver a soulful performance, kissed with ambient keys.... that which emerges... captivates one's heart.  Winner of the 2010 West Coast Songwriters best song of the Year.  Winner of the 2011 West Coast Songwriters Best song of the Year.

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