Saturday, October 11, 2014

Winners to be Announced...

Sunday, October 12th beginning at 12 PM PT / SLT, The Art in the Park October Contest Winners will be announced during the Art in the Park Concert (Mark Seery / Voodoo Shilton.)

The judges’ decisions are in! 

A team of five judges ruminated on their decisions following opening day on October 5th.  There were several trips to view the Artwork as each judge struggled to choose from a variety of wonderful art pieces by very talented artists.

Note: We chose the theme of Autumn Harvest for our Canadian friends and then forgot to check the date for Canadian Thanksgiving Day.  We’d like to wish our friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day and apologize for scheduling the contest winner announcement on that day.

Our Panel of Distinguished Judges (in reverse alphabetical order):

ToySoldier Thor

ToySoldier Thor is an artist, content creator and builder, whose work began in Second Life and transitioned into the real world.  In April 2010, thanks to inspiration from other amazing creators / artists, he caught the "ARTIST" bug. Toy's art quickly expanded from an SL Photography passion into a full-fledged presence as an SL Artist.  In 2011 he built a large 5 floor art gallery where he now displays over 80 of his wide range of art works - both 2D wall art and 3D mesh sculptures.  His art has been exhibited in several other SL public & private art galleries.  His art is uniquely known for providing his "Artist's Comments" into each work.  All his work is for sale.  In July 2014, a customer from Deviant Art contacted Toy, requesting his Shattered 3D model so he could make a 3D Print on his own personal "MakerBot Replicator 2X" 3D Printer.  Toy agreed on the condition that the customer would print a second copy for Toy. 

Slatan Dryke
Slatan Dryke is an artist, builder, photographer, and sculptor.  He is a mentor and a linguist, whose talents are like an ever flowing spring.  He is an RHN Mentor and Community Linguist and Translator.  His roots in mentoring reach back to the time when the Mentoring Program was officially managed by Linden Labs.  He is currently a Mentor and Educator for several groups, but feels a special kinship to the Virtual Ability Group.  The purpose of this group is to simplify Second Life for those residents with different abilities.  Slatan is a volunteer for LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts.)  His sculptures have been featured SLB and BURN, and are displayed in Art Galleries, including UWA Art Space.  His photography can be viewed on his flickr page.

JMB Balogh

JMB has extensive experience as an Art Director and Curator in Second Life from 2010 through the present.  Although she does not consider herself to be an artist, she has an equally extensive portfolio.  She thinks of herself as an historian in a way, capturing moments in Second Life and one of her first photography projects was making a record of the Crimson Shadow gothic cathedral build before it disappeared from Second Life, as well as the King Tut exhibit which was moved to Open Sims.  JMB owns two galleries, Seaside Gallery and Photography by JMB Balogh which also houses her large collection of the work of other SL photographers she admires.  Both are open to visitors.  Since February 2014, JMB has been a LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) volunteer and serves as (temporary) advisor with the LEA committee.

Argus Collingwood

Argus Collingwood is an artist and a designer, who has been a member of Second Life since 2005.  She and her husband were the Internet operations team for the rock band, Journey, and in 2008 their RL work bridged into Second Life for a one year experimental immersive Journey SIM experience that coincided with the 2009 release of the band’s album, “Revelation.”  Argus is involved in the music and art community as a SIM owner, event coordinator, club owner, photographer, fashion designer, host and dancer.  She is an active member of Deviant Art, Pinterest, Flickr, and Facebook, as well as being an active blogger.  Argus’ passion for capturing the moments of Second Life events has yielded an extensive portfolio of 3D photo art. 

Adrian Harbinger

Adrian Harbinger is a real life artist and writer, whose work in the real world includes Acrylic and Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Charcoal, Pastels, and Air Dry Clay Sculptures.  He made the transition to the world of digital art when he joined Second Life in 2005.  His early sculptures, comprised entirely of prims, included such fine works as: Predator, Orion, and Iwo Jima (The Raising of the Flag.)  His early sculptures were featured in Second Life Art Museums.  In 2008, Adrian was commissioned to build statues representing each of rock band Journey’s albums, which were featured on Journey Island from 2008 through 2009.  He also built unique sculptures to promote diabetes awareness for the five years that Bid4aCure raised money on Second Life (2007 through 2011.)  Adrian was a partner in the popular Harbinger’s Haven Builder’s Sandbox, a free secure sandbox that he and his business partner, Bellissa Dion, operated from 2006 until August of 2014.  Harbinger’s Haven offered tutorials and free textures for builders both new and seasoned.

Artwork on display includes:
At Season’s Change by Secret Rage
Autumn Surfer by Molly Bloom
Christmas Sunset by Stitches Bade
Dancing Orchid by Neeks Karu
First Autumn Leaf by Mario Zecca
Harvester of Sorrow by Meryll Panther
Harvest Goodies by Stella Mahogany
There It Is by Uleria Caramel
Wheel of Seasons by January (MEDEE Optera)

 We wish to thank all of the judges and artists for their participation in this month's Art in the Park Contest.

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