Sunday, October 12, 2014

Winners of the October 2014 Art in the Park Contest Announced at Concerts in the Park

Mark Seery delivered another outstanding performance this week replete with a dazzling display of fireworks at the end of his wonderful one-hour show!

VooDoo Shilton amazed the audience with his guitar work and delivered a memorable, outstanding performance as well.  

During the show, the winners of the Art in the Park October contest were announced and prizes were given to the winners.

The submitted artwork was so varied and so well done that the judges (Adrian Harbinger, Argus Collingwood, JMB Balogh, Slatan Dryke, and ToySoldier Thor) had a difficult time selecting their favorites.

How the Winners were Chosen:

The published guidelines were very clear – adherence to the theme was critical for a win.  This month’s contest theme – Autumn Harvest – saw a variety of interpretations (all very well done,) but the judges decisions to award was driven by the question: How closely does this art piece adhere to the theme?

There were two categories: 2D and 3D Art, with the bulk of the submissions falling into the 2D art category.

Judges were asked to pick their favorite 3D art piece.

In the category of 2D art, the judges were asked to pick their first, second and third choices with an explanation of why the work were selected. 

All of the decisions were assembled into a spreadsheet.  A vote of 1st place by a single judge was awarded 15 points, a vote of second place was awarded 10 points, and a vote of third place was awarded 5 points.  While the judges decisions varied, based upon this point system for the 2D art category, there emerged a clear winner.  Second place was also clear with the honorable mention piece coming in third. 

The Winners

In the Category of 2D Art:

Honorable Mention was given to Autumn Surfer by Molly Bloom.

What the Judges said (in random order):
Autumn Surfer is a well-executed, whimsical, SL photograph. 
It was a creative idea to mix the images with a real colors explosion. 
The colors are wonderfully seasonal, the lighting is superb, and the overall theme just oozes energy and fun.
Bright and humorous.
A fun, highly colorful and intensely on theme [piece.]  I also liked the concept.

Second Place was given to There It IS by Uleria Caramel

What the Judges said (in random order):
Ultimately my decision to [select this piece] is based [upon the] answer to the question "which would I hang on my wall in my home?” 
It did convey the autumn colors with richness.
Definitely the oil painting gives a different mark to the piece, with lovely colors and a perfect technique.
Lovely Fall colors and warm feelings of jumping in leaves.
This is a beautiful abstract oil painting, well composed.

First Place was given to Harvest Goodies by Stella Mahogany

What the Judges said (in random order):
Great composition of order, balance and perfectly reflects Fall’s desire for comfort foods
When I think of Autumn & The Harvest... a strong stereotype is food and the harvest of the bounty of the land and thanksgiving feasts.  This work plugged right into it.  Also, the rich coloring, the centered lighting, the intensified contrasting, the aging techniques just make this a very well done work overall.  It was enjoyable to look at and conveyed the warm cozy seasonal feeling in me.
This is a well-executed SL photograph, pleasing to the eye, has the right soft autumn palette and adheres to the theme.  It leads the eye from left to and draws one into the scene.  The frame matches it quite well.
I found this piece evoked a genuine feeling of Autumn in me by presenting seasonal foods in realistic yet subtly primitive style of composition and color.  The image draws you into it with its effective use of perspective focus. 
[This] is the sort of work I could see as easily as an illustration in a magazine or book as I could hanging on a trendy restaurant's wall or as an accent piece in a retro kitchen.

In the Category of 3D Art:

Second Place was given to Dancing Orchid by Neeks Karu

What the Judges said (in random order):
We [have] a sculptor who, in spite of the advanced sculpting tools and scripting techniques available [in SL], chose to confine [the] composition to legacy prims and the confines that come with them.  It [is] that extra effort and fidelity to the tools the Second Life platform provides that [made this piece a winner for me.]
Dancing Orchid is a wonderful piece and had it been in oranges and fall colors I would have picked it.
This is a really lovely piece and would have been my first choice if it had shown even a vague connection to the theme.
A mandatory requirement to the winning selections is that it has to have SOME - even a little association to the contest theme.  It is a great 3D artwork - well done - beautiful.
Graceful, beautiful sculpture, but it did not have anything to do with the theme of Autumn Harvest

First Place was given to First Autumn Leaf by Mario Zecca

What the Judges said (in random order):
Love the leaf and the fact that it is always facing me.
[This piece] adhered to the theme which the other did not.
[This is] a stunning piece achieved through the ingenious use of the particle system and a superb alpha channel texture.
I [liked] the concept.
Wow!  I don't know about anyone else but it took me a minute or two to figure out how [the artist] pulled this off.  I found this piece to be both entertaining as well as beautiful, ergo my difficult decision in judging this category.

Random Comments Made by the Judges on the Other Artwork

At Season’s Change by Secret Rage

The haunting beauty reflects to me the harvesting of one’s inner self.

Christmas Sunset by Stitches Bade

Wonderful shot!!  [I would have named it Autumn Sunset for a win]

Harvester of Sorrow by Meryll Panther

I'll be honest, part of me didn't want to like this one at first.  At first glance it was dark, ominous, and dreary even.  Then I saw the thought that went into the piece.  On closer inspection, I saw the expression the artist had carefully placed there and the almost puppet frame of the character.  I was fascinated.

Wheel of Seasons by January (MEDEE Optera)

This is a quite pleasing SL photograph of the Far Away, a place which has been photographed brilliantly by so many before.  It was one I could put on my wall in RL because of its professional aspects.

We'd like to thank our wonderful judges, performers, and art in the park contest entrants for their wonderful work and time.

Artwork will be on display until November 19th

A new contest will be starting up soon.

Please stay tuned to this blog for the announcement of the November Art in the Park Contest Theme and Rules.

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