Thursday, October 16, 2014

Live Music Events This Week on Temprus

October 19th

Join us in our Medieval / Fantasy Town for a unique live music event at the Inn of Wildenshire.  Sit at the bar and sample mead or ale, take a seat at one of the tables to enjoy a meal of medieval faire, or join us on the dance floor as we listen to our amazing live musicians.

Come in Medieval or Fantasy costume or come as you are.

11:00 AM PT/SLT – Keeba Tammas
Keeba began performing at the age of four.  At the age of 15, she began recording voices for cartoon and commercial work. She put herself through college by recording jingles, traveling the country performing at fairs, malls, and amusement parks.  She spent the 80's singing lead in bands.   Her eclectic style lends itself to the Inn and she will be performing a mix of folk, ballads and Celtic music.

12:00 PM PT/SLT – Mark Seery
Mark is an accomplished acoustic and electric guitarist whose voice is no stranger to a microphone either. Mark produces all of his own backing tracks in his own studio. Over time in his SL career, he has transitioned many styles including blues, classic rock, Celtic rock, folk, and ballads, and even throwing in the occasional solo acoustic or classical guitar piece for good measure.

October 22nd

Join us at the Joint Coffeehouse in Anyville 

4:30 PM PT/SLT - DJ Farr: The Singing and Drumming DJ is a live performer, who uses a Roland V drum set to play and sing along seamlessly to your favorite music.  

5:30 PM PT/SLT: Flying on the Airways with DJ Raven and his eclectic rock show.  Raven always seems to come prepared with those songs that you haven’t heard in forever but still love.

October 23rd

Join us at the Joint Coffeehouse in Anyville

4:00 PM PT/SLT: VooDoo Shilton returns to Temprus to play at the coffeehouse.  With great joy and passion Voodoo Shilton plays a huge span of musical styles on the nylon stringed guitar! From jazz, flamenco, gypsy jazz, fusion jazz, bossa nova, world music, Latin music, blues, classical music, Indian music and more, his performances feature many original pieces as well as covers of jazz standards and world music. In addition he has also incorporated many other instruments into his shows, including bass, electric guitar, mandolin, udu and other percussion, and midi instrumentation.  

5:00 PM PT/SLT: Kevin M Thomas returns to Temprus to play at the coffeehouse.   Live singer songwriter - Kevin comes to us live from Washington, D.C.  His performances in Second Life are acoustic and electric along the lines of 80's rock.  His original music is deep and emotional.  Outside of SL, Kevin has written Classical Compositions in his Chamber.


  1. Wow!! There were so many Live Music events in October. Well dear I am eagerly waiting for Live Music NYC events for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Do you have any list for any events in New York?

  2. There is always Times Square on New Years Eve, if you feel up to braving the crowds and the cold.