Sunday, October 5, 2014

Art in the Park Exhibition Opens!

The Art in the Park October Concert Exhibit opened today with a live concert, with outstanding performances by Mark Seeery, Fawn Seery and Maximillion Kleene. 

The pre-opening jitters were palpable as SIM owners, managers and hosts took their places, soon to be joined by the performers. 

Ilyra in position two hours before opening

There is always that “OMG, what did I forget" moment of panic that occurs right before final notices are sent out.  So, you can imagine our delighted surprise when we were able to account for 59 unique audience member names (provided at the bottom of this post), which did not include: Jocelyn Sands and Adrian Harbinger, me, Argus Collingwood (manager), Gussie Sleeper (assisting with hosting), and the performers: Mark Seery, Fawn Seery and Maximillion Kleene.  And… we think we missed a few names from the list!

Most of those in attendance remained for the full two hours of the performance, with others lingering after the show to admire the beautiful artwork submitted by (in alphabetical order by first names): January (MeDee Optera), Mario Zecca, Meryll Panthar-MacMoragh, Molly Bloom, Neeks Karu, Secret Rage, Stella Mahogany, Stitches Bade, and Uleria Caramel. 

Artwork can be seen by visiting:
Mark Seery and Fawn Seery took the stage first, delighting the audience with music from Genesis, Yes, and Big Country (to name some.)  Mark’s keyboard work is outstanding and so it was no surprise that the audience thrilled to his show which concluded with a fireworks display that was punctuated by a huge explosion that engulfed the stage.

Maximillion Kleene took center stage next, thrilling the audience with his beautifully sung, acoustic renditions of songs from Train, Fleetwood Mac, Snow Patrol, and Pharrell Williams (to name a few.)  Mark and Fawn remained after their show to listen and dance to Max’s music, and they redid the fireworks display once again for Max’s show.

Everyone had so much fun in the relaxed atmosphere, including the performers themselves.  All in all, I’d say, today was a day to remember.


In attendance today:

ÆonTèleos (aeonteleos)
Alfie (alfonsomiro)
Baxter Hyun
Bugsy (nicutzi)
Cami Mahovlich
Cazzy (cazzy.halasy)
Chaplin Early
Cherry Doulton
Cisco Redstar
Daze (daisydaze)
Dil Spitz
DJ Apollon (apollon.allen)
Doo (doofla.dickins)
Emilie Faerye
Etisen Zarco
EVA MOONLIGHT (evavonstrong)
Farrokh Vavoom
Flame (flamingo.topaz)
Gunny Destiny
Hasta (hastalabeesta)
ICE  (creameater)
Jadzia (jadziagehter)
Jasmyn (jasmyn.sugarplum)
JAV (javana.kohime)
Jeanie (sweetjeanie)
Julian Wolfenhaut
Larkbird Parx
Laze Babenco
Led Frenzy
Lilac Jetaime
Lizzie (lizi.miles)
Loreen Lefavre
Luk Renoir
Molly Bloom (mollybloom100)
Moonie (moonmaiden.horner)
Nancy Lei
Nicodemus (icurmind)
Pammie Sorbet
Raven Cinquetti
River Lake
Rougue Gold-Vita (rouguegold)
Roy Domela
Roy Domela
Sara Nider
Secret Rage
Silvia (silvan.mertel)
Toysoldier Thor
Trinity (trinty.afterthought)
Tuppence (twopennyhalfpenny)
Ule (uleria.caramel)
Ule (uleria.caramel)
Ʋȋɽḁ (vira.broome)
Waffles (waffles.brentano)
Windsong (windsongriverwood)
Windsong (windsongriverwood)
Xia Lynn (xialynn)
yala (yala74)

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