Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Art in the Park Concert

Photo by Argus Collingwood

October 5, 2014: Art in the Park contest exhibit opens with a two-hour live music event, beginning at 12:30 PM PST / SLT.

Featuring performances by:

Mark Seery

Carlos Santana once described each scale and each chord as a different color on an artist's palette. This pretty much sums up multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Mark Seery's, approach to his music.

MarkSeery Melodie ( RL name Mark Seery), is something of an enigma. Whilst many musicians on sl have found their style or niche, Seery will constantly strive to reinvent himself, taking a fork in the road and heading off in a totally different direction. This makes him hard to categorize as he has never been a genre-centric performer.

He is an accomplished acoustic and electric guitarist whos voice is no stranger to a microphone either. Mark produces all of his own backing tracks in his own studio. Over time in his SL career, he has transitioned many styles including blues, classic rock, celtic rock, folk, ballads and even throwing in the occasional solo acoustic or classical guitar piece for good measure.

Quite what will happen at a MarkSeery Melodie show is anybody's guess but be sure that it will be laced with a slice of Irish banter, blarney and humour.

Maximillion Kleene

Maximillion Kleene, winner of the 2012 Avi Choice Award for "Favorite Pop Singer" and 2013 Avi Choice Award winner for Favorite Pop Singer, Favorite Rock Singer, Favorite Male Musician and Favorite Singing Duo with Lisa Brune.has been amazing his audiences since 2007.  His dynamic musical range and smooth acoustic groove "Max-imizes" tunes ranging from CCR to Foo Fighters; from Train to Jason Mraz. Streaming from Niagara Falls Canada, Max provides his fans with an hour of musical magic and brings a vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers to Second Life.

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