Sunday, July 20, 2014

Introduction to The Artist Corner

I've started this category in preparation for our opening in September, where we intend to start monthly Art in the Park exhibitions and contests in Anyville.  An excerpt from our (soon-to-be-available for free in SL)Visitor's Guide:

Many of the builders and artisans remained in Anyville, weathering the Great Depression.  The town emerged, more or less whole, as a vacation resort town.  Known for its many artists and beautiful mountain lakes and rivers, Anyville prospered into the early 1960s.

The sleepy town’s architecture remains frozen in that period, and while Anyville is no longer a top vacation destination, each year people still come to admire the breath-taking mountain scenery, to boat and hike along the many trails, and to admire the beautiful artwork that graces the walls of Anyville’s buildings.

I've always been fascinated by art - drawn in by it, to stare absorbing the emotion and elegance and beauty of the work.  Art, in my mind, runs the gamut from beautiful oils, acrylics, water color and mixed media to sculpture, photographs, interior design, architecture, and nature.  It extends into performance, dance, music, literature, and poetry. 

I cannot explain simply why I will find a certain piece of art more compelling than another because the first criterium is an intangible one.  I am drawn to art that touches something within me first - then I look at composition, color, lighting and flow.  I belong to six groups on FB: Photography SL, SL Photography, Best SL Photographers, Beautiful SL Photography, Artists for SL, and SL Only Portraits.  [Please note: in some instances the SL in the group name is spelled out.]  Within those groups, I have seen amazing pieces of art, and it's my intention to feature those artists here in this category (over time) with their permission.

For now, since this is an introduction, I wanted to showcase some of my work, which I post to those groups.  I've found SL to be an incredible medium and outlet for my own creativity, and finding these groups on FB opens yet another door for me.  A door to observe and be touched by creative works and a place for me to experiment and learn.

My Outlet - My Art (in the order in which they were created):

Midsummer Night

Morning Mists


Autumn Morning

The Glade

Cornerstone Park (Anyville)




I'd like to thank you for reading this post. 

In the future this category will provide information on the Art in the Park Exhibition and contest rules.  This category will also be used to feature SL artists, whose work has touched me in some way.