Sunday, July 13, 2014

Building Temprus

The Building of Temprus

It's surely been a journey, and we still have more to do.  The initial build went up quickly, but now we're adding in the details - and that takes time.  We're targeting September for the official opening, which gives us the summer to finish out the attractions and set up the TP systems.

Currently, our nature area is fully complete. 

In Anyville, 7Seas Fishing is operational both on the main pier and on the river walk (River Street.)  The restaurants are open and the Museum of Esoterica is open and operational.  If you visited Anyville before, you will notice a refinement of some of the buildings.

Wildenshire, which is also the home to Stone Soup's and Marauder Wear's main stores still has more work to do as well.

Two Rivers, the Old West Town, is the furthest behind.  It's worth a trip to see the cemetery and visit the stables where you can pick up a demo free AKK horse to ride around the sim.

Come visit us and see the progress that we've made. :)

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